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Zwei: The Arges Adventure – Two’s Company

Only in recent years has Nihon Falcom become known enough outside Japan for its games to receive regular localizations. Zwei: The Arges Adventure was originally released in 2001, back when comparatively few people remembered Ys, let alone a newly created IP. XSEED Games took a big chance localizing this title in 2018, but at least Zwei finally made it across […]

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RBI Baseball 20 : Strike Seven, You’re Out

With coronavirus taking real-world sports from us, people may look to games to satisfy their fandom. Unfortunately, RBI Baseball 20 is responsible for its own plague of issues. It’s a unique and extremely strange predicament the sports world finds itself in at the current moment. Basketball and hockey have been halted, baseball has been postponed […]

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Ganbare! Super Strikers – He Shoots…and He Misses

Trying to play through Ganbare! Super Strikers turned out to be a more arduous task than I had expected. For one thing, I made the mistake of playing the Vita version, which first suffered from annoying, yet bearable, technical problems before culminating into the game crashing in my first World Cup match in Story Mode. This resulted […]